Fun Facts about Green Sea Turtles

Enjoy some fun facts about green sea turtles:

  • They feed on jellyfish and crabs as juveniles. As adults, they eat mostly sea grasses and algae.
  • These creatures weigh an average of 400 pounds!
  • They can swim up to 35 miles per hour.
  • They can be found off the coast of around140 countries, but are still on the endangered species list.
  • They are estimated to live about 80 years old.
  • Sea turtles cannot breathe underwater. They must come to the surface for some air.

And last, did you know that Emma is a great name for a sea turtle? 😉 For more information about Emma, check out my book, Turtle Tube: An Erutuf National Park Novel.

Photo by Jesse Schoff

Happy National Panda Day! 🐼

Happy National Panda Day! Who can resist a day dedicated to one of the most adorable animals?!

San Diego Zoo, 2015

Did you know that pandas spend about 14 hours eating? They consume about 83 pounds of bamboo a day! And did you know that pandas are born blind and weigh only 4 ounces (picture a stick of butter)?

And did you know that pandas need our help to protect them as less than 2,000 panda exist today?

To celebrate this day and these important animals: check out a documentary on giant pandas; virtually adopt a panda online; watch pandas on livecams on; purchase a panda item from; or consider donating to one of the organizations dedicated to protecting these animals such or

Happy National Panda Day! 🐼

World Wildlife Day

Happy World Wildlife Day!

Enjoy a few wildlife photos from our recent trip to Florida.

Take a moment and appreciate all the amazing wildlife all over this great world! 🌎❤️

World Turtle Day 🐢

Happy World Turtle Day!WorldTurtleDay badge

American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit organization, created this day 17 years ago to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world.

Turtles are the most endangered group of vertebrates in the world. Of the 356 species of turtles and tortoises worldwide, about 61% of them are threatened or already extinct.

Adopt a turtle instead of buying one from the pet shops. Never remove or touch a turtle in the wild (unless they are sick or injured). If a tortoise is crossing a busy street, pick it up, and send it in the same direction it was going – if you try to make it go back, it will turn right around again. Report any illegal sales of turtles or tortoises to animal control. Consider supporting of one the many nonprofit organizations out there working to protect these important animals to our world.

Happy World Turtle Day! 🐢