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Enjoy finding new books!

“Off with their heads!”

I did say that quote a few times on Halloween. 😉 I hope that you all had a great Halloween!

My youngest decided to dress up as Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Halloween this past weekend. She requested the family join in on this theme. Three of the four of us agreed. I loved the idea of doing a literary costume from a great classic!

The White Rabbit
The Mad Hatter
The Queen of Hearts

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Who in the world were you on Halloween? 🙂 Enjoy your candy!

World Turtle Day®!

Happy World Turtle Day®!

American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit organization, created this day almost 20 years ago to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world.

For more than 100 million years sea turtles have covered vast distances across the world’s oceans, filling a vital role in the balance of wildlife. We need to continue to protect these important animals.

Here are a few small things you can do to help saves turtles: Adopt a turtle instead of buying one from the pet shops. Never remove or touch a turtle in the wild (unless they are sick or injured). If a tortoise is crossing a busy street, pick it up, and send it in the same direction it was going – if you try to make it go back, it will turn right around again. Report any illegal sales of turtles or tortoises to animal control. You can also consider supporting of one the many nonprofit organizations out there working to protect these important animals to our world.

Happy World Turtle Day®! 🐢

P.S. Emma thanks you! You will meet Emma in my upcoming children’s book coming out soon!

New Backpack

A few weeks ago, I discovered a company that creates colorful backpacks. I love color! I am so drawn to anything colorful and it always makes me smile. I was that little girl always drawing rainbows. Don’t tell anyone, but I still draw them! 🌈

Cotopaxi makes these colors backpacks (and other colorful items). As I scrolled through their web site, their backpacks all made me smile. While I love the colors, I also love the uniqueness to each one. They’re all different. I had needed a new backpack and found a ton of choices.

I fell in love with Cotopaxi’s Del Dia Collection. This collection uses fabric leftover from other companies’ large production runs made in the Philippines. I love that this keeps perfectly good materials out of the landfill and reuses them for something fun.

After many clicks and moments of indecision, I decided on this one.

Once I received it, I tested it out on a hike with my dog and really enjoy it! It’s comfortable and has all the needed pockets. Most of all, I love all the colors!

It’s a rainbow day every day! 🌈😊

Super Bowl Pirates

This Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the 55th Super Bowl game. As you probably already know, this year’s game will be held in Tampa Bay, Florida. For the first time in Super Bowl history, one of the two teams will host the game.

The Buccaneers name was said to be nostalgic of José Gaspar and the Buccaneers of the Caribbean Sea. José Gaspar (or better known as Gasparilla) was a Spanish pirate captain. His name literally means “Last of the Buccaneers.” According to legends, he traveled and terrorized the western coasts of Florida.

To celebrate the Super Bowl and the pirates of Florida, you can create a pirate treasure hunt for your little ones in your house and backyard. This activity can entertainment them while you watch the game. Create a simple treasure map and hide some goodies with a bigger treasure at the end of the map. Use an old box for your loot. You could also create an online treasure hunt for the kids with a map of clues having them visit certain websites and answer questions.

As legend has it, Gasparilla left a massive treasure hidden somewhere on Gasparilla Island (highly recommend checking out this part of Florida sometime – it’s gorgeous!). Be like a pirate and create a pirate treasure hunt!

Cheers Matey! Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win on their home turf or will the invading Kansas City Chiefs win?

Educate and Act

Racism, violence, and hate have no place in our world.  Black lives do matter. And silence is not an option.

Take the opportunity to learn more and get a better understanding of the institutionalized and systematic racism in our country.  Here are a few books listed below to check out.


  • Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah
  • How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
  • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
  • Biased by Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt
  • Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy by David Zucchino
  • Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America by Jennifer Harvey
  • Waking Up White by Debby Irving
  • Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine
  • Brutal Imagination by Cornelius Eady
  • The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson
  • A Spectacular Secret: Lynching in American Life and Literature by Jacqueline Goldsby
  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
  • Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi
  • Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

We can also support those organizations who are working to end social injustice. Click on their names to learn more about several organizations working hard on this front. Consider supporting them both financially and with your voice.  Many other organizations exist as I just listed a few here and not in any order.


You can do many things such as sign petitions, text and call legislators, donate to these organizations, educate yourself, donate supplies, protest in person or virtually, and more.  And vote.

“The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity, then it is racist.”
Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist


National Columnists Day

April 18th celebrates National Columnists Day today honoring the newspaper columnists and their contributions.

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists created this holiday on the death anniversary of Ernie Pyle. Pyle was a Pulitzer Prize winner who reported from both the European and Pacific theaters during the Second World War. He died while reporting in Okinawa.

A columnist is a writer or editor of a newspaper column. They can write about current events or other topics like love and advice.

Celebrate this day by picking up a newspaper and reading a column.  If you’re already a fan of a columnist, send them a thank you note for all they do!

Thanks to all those hard-working journalists out there sharing their voices with us regularly!