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An Erutuf National Park Novel

Follow siblings as they take on another adventure of a lifetime when they’re transported to a magical national park with more talking animals and pirates.


About the Author


Kathy Arnold Cherry is author of the magical and entertaining Erutuf National Park book series that provides action-packed adventure, humor, and magic for children. As an avid national park fan, she incorporates the enchantment of real national parks into this imaginary world.

Kathy studied anthropology and political science at Indiana University and earned a Master’s degree at DePaul University. Originally from Chicago, she lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, and pup. Kathy has traveled to many national parks and dreams about the next one.


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Bison Blog Reviews

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“A great pick for people who love humor, adventure and friendship. The author perfectly captures the magic of Erutuf Park. I couldn’t put it down!” - Vivian L., age 10
Publisher's Weekly BookLife Review
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"Bison Blog also offers an engaging educational experience, as the characters reveal facts about the animals, environment, and the planet, while keeping the story lively and fun."
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“Loved it! It is engaging and keeps you reading. This book is great for elementary school kids. It has magic and mystery with cute jokes and I love the animals.” - Candi Terry, elementary school librarian
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“I was intrigued from the beginning. It just kept getting better and better. I loved the contrast between fiction and fantasy. The jokes were hilarious too! I also loved the setting of the National Park!” - Emerson A., age 11
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“Dive into an enchanting world of sibling bonds and magical escapades in 'Bison Blog.’ Reese, Dean, Olivia and Jake take on their spellbinding adventure filled with wonder, danger, helpful animal friends and heartwarming sibling moments. This book is an absolute page-turner for young readers and fantasy lovers alike." - Erin Salvetti, Mom of two, Instagram @erinsalvetti
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“Such a great book! Definitely recommend it. Now I really wish I could actually visit Erutuf National Park.” - Chloe H., age 11
Kirkus Reviews
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"In this rich fantasy novel, the author exhibits a love for national parks and creates engaging and realistic child characters: one who wants to go home, one who needs naps, one who is scholarly, and one who takes on the role of the leader. Their conflicts are authentic and sure to engage her young readership."

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Launch Day!

Woohoo!! Today is the big day! My new book is LIVE and available for purchase! Join Reese and Dean on this new adventure back to

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Editor’s Pick!

I’m so excited and honored to receive the Editor’s Pick from Publishers Weekly Booklife review for my upcoming children’s book, Bison Blog: An Erutuf National

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First Book in Series

Turtle Tube

Siblings Reese and Dean Walters love to watch online videos like many of their friends. Reese already has a dream of becoming a marine biologist who helps save sea turtles and other living creatures in the oceans. One day when Reese finds a new sea turtle video for them to watch, something mysterious begins to happen after she clicks play. As colors swirl around the siblings, Dean and Reese float into the air, twirling round and round until they land with a quiet bump on a beach. Moments later, they realize they are on a magical national park island where no one can see or hear them—except the sea turtle inhabitants. When Dean and Reese learn the sea turtles need their help protecting a secret map from pirates who want to take over the island, they must partner together to overcome obstacles while searching for the hidden map. But will they find the map before the pirates and return home safely? 

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