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Title Reveal

Thank you for the guesses for the next book in the Erutuf National Park series! And now for the title reveal… Get ready for more adventures for Reese and Dean as they explore the valley section of Erutuf National Park! And yes, they will meet a bison. Bison Blog: An Erutuf National Park will be …

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Happy National Unicorn Day! 🦄 We could use a bit a magic these days. Take a moment and create your own magic today to celebrate! Happy National Unicorn Day! 🦄😊

World Wildlife Day

Happy World Wildlife Day! Enjoy a few wildlife photos from our recent trip to Florida. Take a moment and appreciate all the amazing wildlife all over this great world! 🌎❤️

5 Ways Kids Can Make a Difference with the Climate

The United Nations Climate Change Conference recently took place in Glasgow. According to the U.N., “The Earth is now about 1.1°C warmer than it was in the 1800s. We are not on track to meet the Paris Agreement target to keep global temperature from exceeding 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. That is considered the upper limit …

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