Virtual Resources and Tours

Recently, I received an e-mail thanking me for my information about national parks virtual tours as it helped out Corrine and her Girl Scout troop work on their Arts and Culture Fun Patch.

In their research, Corrine found a couple of great online resources that I wanted to share:

Take a virtual trip through each state and visit a historical landmark, museum, or zoo by clicking here. I really like how you can scroll to a particular state and click to check it out. You’ll even see some national parks on there.

Take a virtual trip around the world and visit aquariums, zoos, national parks, famous landmarks, animals, and more by clicking here. You’ll see some national parks on this page too, but also places like Machu Picchu or Buckingham Palace. 

Thank you to Corrine and her troop for sharing these really interesting online resources! Great job on earning your patch!

I’m going to take a virtual tour now to check out some polar bears in the Artic! Happy online traveling!

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