National Park Week Thanks

As National Park Week wrapped up yesterday, I thought a lot about our national parks this past week. I thought about all the memories of our visits there.

Yellowstone National Park, 2019

I also thought about the stories of connection, discovery, accomplishment, tradition, gratitude, ingenuity, inspiration, fun, and love!

I smiled a lot during all these thoughts and memories. National parks bring us great joy in addition to many other benefits. National Park Week provided us with a daily reminder of all the goodness within this great and unique system.

Thank you for coming along with me on this year’s National Park Week.

National Park Week – Love

Happy National Park Week!

To end this fun week, today’s theme focuses on love. National parks provide families and friends with so many wonderful and lasting memories filled with love.

I have lots of moments of love from our national parks. I fell in love, got engaged, and even got married in our national parks. Enjoy two photos from my own amazing moments of love from the same area in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming 15 years apart.

What’s your favorite moment of love from one of the national parks?

Time to start planning the next national park trip to create more memories!

National Park Week – Fun

Today’s National Park Week theme is fun! How fun! 😉 It’s really hard to not have fun when visiting our national parks!

Yellowstone National Park Fun 🙂

What’s a fun memory from a national park from you?

Happy National Park Week!

National Park Week – Inspiration

The theme for today in this year’s national park week focuses on inspiration. The national park system definitely contains a lot of sources for inspiration from the people to the landscapes to the wildlife to the history and so on!

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

The national parks can also inspire creativity. National parks have inspired artistic expression and creativity for many, many years. The national parks have definitely inspired me! Our national parks inspired me to write children’s book set in a national park. I created a magical national park, Erutuf National Park, as the setting for my children’s book series. The first book in the series is Turtle Tube: An Erutuf National Park Novel. It’s not a real national park, but an idealistic and magical one.

How have the national parks inspired you?

Happy National Park Week!

National Park Week – Ingenuity

Today’s national park week theme focuses on ingenuity. Ingenuity means “the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.”

How you seen any wildlife do something ingenious? Or have you learned about someone in history using their ingenuity to make an impact? Or have you had to use your own ingenuity while visiting a park place?

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Happy National Park Week!


National Park Week – Gratitude

I love this theme for today’s national park week of gratitude!

Yellowstone National Park, 2019

I feel a huge sense of gratitude when thinking about the national parks. I am grateful for the creation of this system to preserve something so special in our country. I am grateful for the many people who play a role in these national parks from the park rangers to the support staff. I am grateful for all parks, monuments, lakeshores, parkways, battlefields, military sites, memorials, scenic trails, seashores, and other designations.

I am just really grateful for this system! What about the national parks makes you grateful?

Happy National Park Week!

National Park Week – Tradition

Today, the National Park Week looks at sharing your story about traditions. The national parks provide a great opportunity to learn about past cultures and traditions. I love learning about the land’s history within each national site.

Ancient Pictographs (rock paintings) in Sequoia National Park

The national parks remind of the animals and people who lived on these lands before us. What traditions do you find within our national parks?

Happy National Park Week!

National Park Week – Accomplishment

Today’s national park week theme focuses on sharing your story about an accomplishment. Accomplishments come in all sizes and reasons. One accomplishment could be visiting a national park for the first time. Another person’s accomplishment could be hiking a difficult trail. Another accomplishment could be becoming a junior ranger.

For me, I find accomplishments in our national parks every visit. I have been pretty lucky to visit quite a few national park sites. Check out our fun map of visits by clicking here.

National parks can provide a sense of accomplishment in our lives in many different ways. How have national parks provided a sense of accomplishment to you?

Yosemite National Park

Happy National Park Week!

National Park Week – Discovery

Today’s theme encourages people to find something new by visiting a national park – to discover.

I love to learn and discover something new while visiting national parks. The Junior Ranger programs provide great opportunities for both children and adults to learn in greater detail about the park and its’ unique details.

The visitor centers also provide a great resource for discovering something new. Stop in and enjoy some fun facts there! Talk to the Park Rangers and ask them some questions.

If you can’t get to a national park today in person, visit one virtually online. Explore it virtually!

Whether you go in person or online, what might you discover?

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” ~Leonardo da Vinci

National Park Week – Connection

National Park Week kicks off the week on Earth Day celebrating the theme of your park story relating to connections.

Each time I enter a national park, I feel that connection. I feel that connection to the park, to nature, to the people, to the history, and to the national parks system. I always leave feeling a bit more connected in life. It’s a pretty special feeling.

Denali National Park, 2022

How do you all feel connected to the national parks?

Happy Earth Day and Happy National Park Week!