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Happy National Panda Day! 🐼

Happy National Panda Day! Who can resist a day dedicated to one of the most adorable animals?!

San Diego Zoo, 2015

Did you know that pandas spend about 14 hours eating? They consume about 83 pounds of bamboo a day! And did you know that pandas are born blind and weigh only 4 ounces (picture a stick of butter)?

And did you know that pandas need our help to protect them as less than 2,000 panda exist today?

To celebrate this day and these important animals: check out a documentary on giant pandas; virtually adopt a panda online; watch pandas on livecams on explore.org; purchase a panda item from pandasinternational.org; or consider donating to one of the organizations dedicated to protecting these animals such worldwildlife.org or pandasinternational.org.

Happy National Panda Day! 🐼

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