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Meet Kathy Arnold Cherry

Kathy Arnold Cherry is author of the magical and entertaining Erutuf National Park book series that provides action-packed adventure, humor, and magic for children. As an avid national park fan, she incorporates the enchantment of real national parks into this imaginary world.

Kathy studied anthropology and political science at Indiana University and earned a Master’s degree at DePaul University. Originally from Chicago, she lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, and pup. Kathy has traveled to many national parks and dreams about the next one.

Many years ago, my husband introduced some national treasures to me. He took me to a national park for our first vacation back in our dating years. Later, we got engaged and then married in two other national parks.

I love our national parks. I also love writing for children. I am writing to share these treasures and excitement with young readers.

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