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I love maps! I love everything about them! Maps provide a window into another world of possibilities.

When I started writing the Erutuf National Park novels, I knew that I wanted to have a map of the national park. I wanted people to be able to flip back and see the various parts of this enormous magical place. So, I used a pencil and drew a very basic map. I should emphasize the word basic.  I am not an artist, but I knew what I wanted on the map. With the help of some very skilled professionals, I now have a book-worthy map of the national park!

In my children’s books series, you will find this awesome map of the magical national park, Erutuf National Park.

Check out my map below showing national park service units that I have visited over the years. You can hover over a dot and see the name and years visited. You can also click on the dot to link to the specific national park service’s website for more information on that particular park.

Enjoy exploring! I can’t wait to add more dots to the map! 🙂

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