Future Park Rangers Fun

On this page, parents or teachers can find some fun activities for your little future park rangers to do relating to the national parks and the outdoors.

National Parks Word Search

Click this link here, NATIONAL PARK WORD SEARCH, to enjoy a pdf word search of 20 national parks.  Enjoy watching your future park rangers find these national parks from a variety of states across our country. For older children, ask them to look up these parks they may not know about to find out a fun fact to share with you.

Hiking Scavenger Hunt

Click this link here, Hiking Scavenger Hunt, to enjoy a pdf document giving your future park ranger some fun things to search for while out on a walk. You can even use this document walking around your neighborhood to make walks more fun for them.

Hiking Stick Craft

Find a stick tall enough to use hiking.  Check if it’s smooth enough to use by your hands.  If not, take a few minutes and sand it down.  Next, paint it. Use as many colors as  you want!  Spray it down with a sealer.  You can even add ribbons, stickers, or other decorations to make it your own. Here’s a photo of my hiking stick.


More to come soon..