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Add These 4 US Cities to Your Solopreneur Travel Itinerary

This is a guest post by Amy Collett, creator of bizwell.org.

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Perhaps you’ve recently decided to open your own online business, and now that you can be location-independent, you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad! Maybe posts about the great outdoors and national parks by Kathy Cherry Books inspired your decision. You’re eager to hit the open road and explore everything that the United States has to offer while working from your laptop. But with so many potential destination options, where should you go? As a solopreneur, these cities might spark your interest!

Sacramento, California

Want to establish yourself at a home base where you can explore the beautiful state of California? Consider traveling to Sacramento!

Many digital nomads head straight for the destination with the lowest costs of living, and you might be concerned that Sacramento would be too costly. But compared to other cities in California, accommodations in Sacramento are considered budget-friendly! In fact, the cost of living in Sacramento is 16% lower than the state’s average.

While Sacramento is one of the more affordable major cities in California, it’s safe to say that traveling in the Golden State can get pricey. That’s why using the right apps to find deals is essential! Find rock-bottom flight deals with Fare Compare, save big on hotels with Hotel Tonight, and create expense reports quickly and easily with Concur.

Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re looking for a creative city with a friendly vibe, you’ll definitely want to spend some time in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a bustling city that remote workers flock to for its affordable rent, amazing restaurant scene, and connections with lucrative industries. In Atlanta, you’ll be able to meet lots of other entrepreneurs! Plus, Atlanta has easy transport connections to lots of other cities in the southeast and deep south, so if you’re interested in visiting these destinations, Atlanta is a good starting point.

When it comes to finding a rental in Atlanta, Omega Home recommends living “in the perimeter,” so that you won’t get stuck in traffic on the freeway when you’re trying to get around the city. You can also look into the city’s happening co-working spaces in advance and see if you can find a rental nearby! For example, you might want to become a member at Sharedspace or Alkaloid Networks.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an up-and-coming city where visitors and new residents alike will receive a warm welcome! Digital nomads will be happy to find that once you step out of the downtown neighborhood, known as Golden Triangle, rent prices are quite cheap. Bellhop recommends that remote workers check out the Uptown neighborhood, where there are lots of coworking spaces, including StartupTown.

If you’ve never visited the Pittsburgh area, you might be wondering what kinds of activities you can enjoy in this region. You can spend an afternoon checking out art museums or the local science center, or you can visit Mount Washington for fantastic views of the city.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Are you curious about exploring the amazing desert landscapes of the American southwest? Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect gateway to this region of the country. ZeroDown states that the median rent in Santa Fe is about $932 per month, which is quite reasonable. After getting settled in your rental, you’ll probably want to start planning your first adventures in New Mexico! You can check out the incredible desert dunes – you may want to book a guided tour in order to do this safely.

Seeing new places is the best part of being a digital nomad. The US has so many varied landscapes and regional cultures within its borders that you don’t need to go far to find adventure! By stopping in these cities, you’ll be able to make the most of your flexibility as a solopreneur.

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Amy Collett is creator of bizwell.org, a website that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build and strengthen their personal brand.

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