sPark Creativity

National parks have inspired artistic expression and creativity for many, many years. Today’s theme asks what can the national parks inspire you to create?

The national parks have definitely inspired me! Our national parks inspired me to write children’s book set in a national park.

I created a magical national park, Erutuf National Park, as the setting for my children’s book, Turtle Tube: An Erutuf National Park Novel. It’s not a real national park, but an idealistic and magical one.

What creative spark do the national parks ignite in you?

sPark Discovery

National Park Week kicks off the week with a free day at the parks. No fees today!

Today’s theme encourages people to find something new by visiting a national park. If you have been there before, look for something new this time.

I love to learn and discover something new while visiting national parks. The Junior Ranger programs provide great opportunities for both children and adults to learn in greater detail about the park and its’ unique details.

The visitor centers also provide a great resource for discovering something new. Stop in and enjoy some fun facts there! Talk to the Park Rangers and ask them some questions.

If you can’t get to a national park today in person, visit one virtually online. Explore it virtually!

Whether you go in person or online, what might you discover?

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” ~Leonardo da Vinci

National Park Week

It’s one of my favorite weeks all year! National Park Week starts tomorrow, April 16th, and goes through the 24th this year! 

This year’s theme is “sPark Connections”. I love the play on the words Spark and Park here with this theme. Each day will present a new theme with the sPark and I’ll highlight them each day on this blog to celebrate this fun week!

Let’s all enjoy our amazing national parks!

Yosemite National Park, 2021

National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day!

Evie 🙂

Did you know that…owning a dog decreases the risk of death by heart disease by 36%; or there are about 5000 tigers kept in captivity in the U.S. (only 6% in accredited zoos); or there are 200 million stray dogs in the world?

Give your pet an extra belly-rub or treat today! If you don’t have a pet, consider adoption!

Happy National Pet Day!