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April 2022

Independent Bookstore Day

Happy Independent Bookstore Day! This national one-day party celebrates independent bookstores across the country online and in-store.  To celebrate this day and these special stores, go visit your local independent bookstore either in-person or even go online! Yay – another reason to buy more books! You can even find my children’s book Turtle Tube: An …

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CA State Park Passes

1,100 public libraries in California now have state park passes to check out! California has over 200 state parks to visit and the state park passes usually cost around $195. Library cardholders can now check out these passes to get a free vehicle day-use pass. Each library has three passes and will decide how many …

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National Park Week Thanks

As National Park Week wrapped up yesterday, I thought a lot about our national parks this past week. I thought about all the memories of our visits there. I also thought about the sPark discovery, creativity, collaborations, innovations, opportunities, preservations, actions, curiosity, and memories. I love the sPark! I smiled a lot during all these …

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sPark Memories

Happy National Park Week! To end this fun week, today’s theme focuses on memories. National parks provide families and friends with so many wonderful and lasting memories. Enjoy two photos from my own amazing memories from the same area in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming 15 years apart. What’s your favorite memory from …

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sPark Curiosity

Today’s National Park Week theme focuses on curiosity. I can’t think of a better place to go and be curious than our national parks! They all offer so much to learn, explore, and just be a part of. Merriam-Webster defines curious as “marked by desire to investigate and learn”. To celebrate today, take a look …

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sPark Action

Happy Earth Day! Today’s theme during National Park Week looks at taking action which fits perfect with Earth Day. Click this link here for some ideas to incorporate conservation at your home. Anyone can help. And every little bit adds up and makes a difference. Happy Earth Day!

sPark Preservation

Today’s theme for National Park Week centers around preservation. The National Park Service is a leader and partner in preservation of historic, cultural, natural and recreational resources nationally and internationally. It’s literally their mission. If you’re interested in historic preservation programs or resources, click here to learn more. Happy National Park Week!

sPark Innovation

Today’s theme for National Park Week focuses on innovation. The National Park Service works to create new technology to support conservation and preservation efforts while working to improve current conditions at the parks as well. For example, did you know that parks like Petroglyph National Monument are going green with newer technology, such as electric …

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sPark Collaboration

Today’s National Park Week theme looks at the many partners working to help our national parks. The national parks need our time by volunteering and our donations to help continue these great treasures. You can help by supporting one of more than 200 philanthropic organizations that partner with national parks nationwide.  In addition, many national …

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