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April 2021

BARK Ranger Day

As part of National Park Week, today is Bark Ranger Day. Let’s take a guess what this might mean…..bark….like dogs! BARK actually stands for: Bag your pet’s waste Always wear a leash Respect wildlife Know where you can go. These are four great points to remember when bringing your pet to a national park. Enjoy …

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Friendship Friday

Everybody needs a friend! Even the national parks need friends. As part of the National Park Week, today marks Friendship Friday. The national parks need our time by volunteering and our donations to help continue these great treasures. You can help by supporting one of more than 200 philanthropic organizations that partner with national parks …

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Earth Day

Earth Day is a global celebration encouraging education and stewardship of the planet’s natural resources.  This year celebrates the 51st anniversary of Earth Day! Take a moment and go online to learn about how we can protect our only planet. Click here to learn more about earth sciences. Click here to learn about the leave …

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Wayback Wednesday

Happy National Park Week! Today, we flash back to the past and honor our nation’s historic natural and cultural heritages preserved in parks and communities. History and memories are made each day at the national parks.  Take a moment to reflect on one of your own favorite national park memories today! Enjoy a photo of …

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Transformation Tuesday

Happy National Park Week! It’s Transformation Tuesday! The National Park Service has been protecting our national parks for over 100 years! The parks have changed over this years. They have changed with the environment, lessons, and also with management styles as we learn and grow. On this day, take a few minutes to listen to …

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Military Monday

As part of the National Park Week, today is Military Monday. Today, we recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of the U.S. military and also discover connections and opportunities within the parks. The National Park Service preserves and shares the stories of the American military over the last three centuries. The relationship between the …

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As part of the National Park Week, today is Volunteer in the Parks (VIP) Day. Today, we say thank you to the more than 300,000 volunteers within our national parks. Without their hard work and dedication, these parks would not be the same. For anyone looking to volunteer in the national park system, click here …

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Park Rx Day

Today in the National Park Week, it’s Park Rx Day!  It’s doctor’s orders to get to a park today! Enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being outside!  Listen to the doctor! Happy National Park Week!

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