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January 2021


I wanted to take a few moments to share with you all a fun children’s picture book written and illustrated by my friend, Jesse Bennett. Her book, Lift, shares the sweet message of kindness, inclusion, and lifting our words and our actions throughout the beautiful pages. This sweet and colorful book also shares a great …

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Happy 106th anniversary to Rocky Mountain National Park! In 1915, Congress created the Rocky Mountain National Park. Named after the mountain range, this mountain range is one of the world’s longest mountain ranges stretching from Alaska down to Mexico. Rocky Mountain National Park lies in north central Colorado covering 415 square miles. And it is …

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12 Year Old Me

When the box arrived from the shop, Books and Books @ The Studios of Key West, I couldn’t wait to open it! Yes, it had books in it. But, not just any books. I opened the box carefully. I’m pretty sure that I eeped or yelped a bit. I took the books out. Three books …

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Muir Woods National Monument

Happy 113th anniversary to Muir Woods National Monument! On January 9, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt created the Muir Woods National Monument in California named after conservationist John Muir. Muir Woods became the 7th National Monument and was the first one created from land donated by a private individual. Did you know that the first movement …

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Let’s Go!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see an island again. I dream about sandy beaches and waves coming in and out. I dream about the salty air. I dream about the clear, blue skies. I dream about the warm breeze. Well, I decided to take this dream and go virtual! It’s …

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